Lodge Name Lodge Number Masonic District Worshipful Master Meeting Night Meeting Location
Union Lodge 1 1 Marcus L Young  1st Tuesday Boston,MA
Celestrial Lodge 2 1 Dana Hines 3rd Monday Boston,MA
Rising Sun Lodge 3 1 Ricky L Scott 1st Tuesday Boston,MA
Union Lodge 4 4 Daniel L. DaCruz 1st Monday New Bedford,MA
Summer Lodge 5 3 Edward Anderson. 1st Monday Springfield, MA
John T. Hilton 6 2 Joseph H E O'Garro  1st Thursday Boston,MA
King David 7 10 Kevin  Odom  4th Friday Worchester,MA
Eureka 8 6 Albert J. Carter 4th Tuesday Boston, MA
Mount Moriah Lodge 9 2 Shawn A Brown  4th Thursday Cambridge, Ma
St. Johns Lodge 10 3 Manfred Slaughter 1st Wednesday Pittsfield, MA
Castle William Lodge 11 1 Keith t. Wyzard 1st Wednesday Boston, MA
William G. Butler 12 6 Junior J. Hewitt 2nd Tuesday Boston, MA
John J. Smith 14 2 Jubie S. Drakes 2nd Monday Everett, MA
Mount Zion 15 6 Donn C Dingle 2nd Thursday Boston, MA
Paul Laurence Dunbar 19 4 Malcolm E Pace III 1st Thursday 279 Prospect St. Brockton, MA
Alpha Lodge 20 8 Sherwin Marshall o  1st & 3rd Wednesday Port-of-Spain trinidad &Tabago, WI
Cosmopolitan Lodge 21 8 Joseph  McLeod  1st & 3rd Thursday Fayzabad Trinidad 7 Tabago, WI
North Star 22 5 Leslie J Buchanan  1st Saturday Bangore, ME
Cispus attucks 24 7 William T. Williams  2nd Monday Leominster, MA
Blazing Star 26 7 Jerry S Misser 2nd Saturday Amersfoort, Netherlands
Widow Son 28 6 Ricardo Anderson 4th Monday Boston, MA
Richard Allen 30 3 Nathaniel Murray   2nd Wednesday Springfield, MA
Triple 8 Travelers Lodge 32 5 Anthony E. McKnight 4th Thursday Portsmouth, NH
Dan Ruben 33 8 DaWayne S Belcon   2nd & 4th Wednesday Arouca Trinidad & Tabago, WI
St. Johns Lodge 35 9 Antoine Stephens 1st Wednesday & 3rd Saturday Rota  Spain
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