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 Prince Hall Grand Lodge

Scholarship Awards Program

 Sunday, June 6, 2021 at 6pm


 The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts is a fraternal and charitable organization and is pleased to announce that we are offering scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year. The purpose of the scholarships is to promote the undergraduate education of young men and women of ability, character, scholarship and financial need. We hope the recipients will pursue careers that will be of benefit to those in need.

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Community Corporation is a 501c3 organization and the Scholarship Committee is responsible for the selection of scholarship recipients.  Donations to the scholarship fund should be made payable to the Prince Hall Grand Lodge Community Corporation.



  1. Prince Hall Grand Lodge Scholarships: priority given to Freshmen entering College.
  2. Special Scholarships: primarily for first year undergraduates.
  3. Richard A. Claytor Scholarship: primarily for Freshmen aspiring toward community service.
  4. Oscar A. Wells Scholarship: primarily for advanced undergraduates.
  5. David R. Phillips Scholarship: exclusively for Boston or Cambridge residents entering College.
  6. William C. Dukes Scholarship: priority given to Freshmen entering College


Prince Hall Grand Lodge scholarships are open to young men and women who are:

  1. Residents within the jurisdiction of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts
  2. Entering their first year of undergraduate college or where otherwise as specified.
  3. In need of financial assistance.



Prince Hall Grand Lodge scholarships are limited to young men and women who:

  1. Will enroll full time in a two- or four-year college.
  2. Have proof of admission.



Persons interested in applying for the Prince Hall Grand Lodge scholarships should:

  1. Complete the scholarship Application online.
  2. Provide necessary documentation including three references and transcript.
  3. Complete and submit all necessary materials to the Scholarship Committee no later than Saturday, May 1, 2021 ***

After completing the application, a link will be provided for you to forward to your three references to complete.  All official transcripts should be mailed to:

MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge

(Attention: Scholarship Committee)

24 Washington Street Dorchester, MA 02121



The Scholarship Committee will carefully review all applications and:

  1. Request interview with finalists if possible
  2. Select award recipients
  3. Notify all award recipients of their status by Saturday, May 15, 2021

***It is the responsibility of applicants to make sure that all data is received by this Committee on or before May 1, 2021 by 5pm.  Application submissions and all materials MUST on time. There will be no exceptions or allowance for late applications.

The Scholarship Committee cannot be responsible for materials lost or damaged while en route to us nor can we be responsible for returning materials sent to us unless sufficient postage is included.

Scholarships are limited to one per qualified applicant.

To begin the online application process, please click HERE.

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